Becoming a truffle grower : our professional trainings

Farmers, foresters, landowners who are passionate about truffles, our training courses are intended for beginners who want to discover and learn about truffle cultivation, as well as to initiated or experienced truffle growers wishing to update themselves on the techniques of managing a truffle field, in order to validate or improve their technical itinerary.

Hosted bytrainers WETRUF or by our staff truffle growers, scientifiques, actorsof thetruffle industry, our mission is to offer you the good expert to respondto the good question.

From the main basics of truffle growing to more specific topics, the final objective is to make the link between the fundamental scientific notions and the resulting cultural management techniques.

  • Participatory theory courses
  • Practical work in the laboratory or in the field
  • Sharing experience with experienced truffle growers

Our online training or face-to-faceare designed to give you all the keys you need to carry out your project in the best possible conditions.

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