pF Tracer Pro

Increase your yields with pF Tracer®️ Pro

Our latest innovation allows you to control the watering of your truffle farm remotely, with unrivalled precision, to optimize your yields.

Basic kit 1090,00€ HT

Introductory offer Basic kit 890,00€ HT *

* for orders placed before 05/31/2024
* delivery from the first week of June

Wetruf logiciel et unité centrale pF Tracer Pro

Availability in Europe by 2025

pF Tracer Pro

Why choose pF Tracer®️ Pro ?

The world's only agricultural equipment for thetruffle farming.

Le pF Tracer®️ has been specifically developed to manage watering in truffle fields. In fact, the watering threshold required for truffles is covered by our reading range. On the other hand, the pF Tracer®️ Pro was designed with Le Trufficulteur in mind, thanks to its pairing system and simple, intuitive, graphic interface. Thus, the pF Tracer®️ Pro is suitable for both small plantations and larger truffle fields, as well as for truffle growers who have several truffle fields in close or not-so-close proximity.

Make savings, save time and water just right.

Thanks to our interface, you can consult your data from home or from anywhere. You don’t need to visit your truffle farm regularly, which optimizes your time. Regular pF monitoring with pF Tracer®️ Pro will also enable you to adjust the amount of water to be added, within the pF range corresponding to the Useful Reserve (RU), to save water.

Take the right decisions thanks to our alerts and our tips.

You’ll receive automatic alerts telling you the right time to water. The aim of watering in truffle-growing is to safeguard the truffles that are born in early summer. Providing too little water, or too irregularly, is detrimental to truffle survival. On the other hand, adding too much water all at once, or too often, is useless. Water at the right time and in the right quantity.

Increase your production and monetize your operation.

Summer water stress is the main cause of production loss. Thanks to national experimentation CulturTruf, it has been shown that by watering at the right moment using pF monitoring, it is possible to increase production by 3 to 6 times; even to trigger truffle production when there would otherwise be none.

pF Tracer Pro

How does it work?

Step 1

Installation and configuration of sensors at the heart of your truffle farm.

Le pF Tracer®️ Pro is :

  • a central unit accommodating 2Duo sensors for monitoring pF and soil temperature
  • from satellite boxes for 1 Duo sensor for monitoring pF and soil temperature

The central unit can be used alone or paired with 10 satellite boxes maximum.

Central unit and satellite box communicate up to 800m to 1 km from scope maximum.

The sensors are installed in the ground according to our defined protocol and connect to the boxes.

The entire system remains to be home in the plantation.

Wetruf logiciel analyse terrain

Step 2

Automatic measurements and data feedback to your online control interface.

The pF and temperature measurements are taken at a frequency set by the user on the central unit, all the hours or all 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hours.

Each satellite box sends its data back to the central box.

The central unit sends all data back to the interface online piloting via the network LoRa®️.
For further information,see LoRa network coverage®️in France.

You visit and follow your data on the online interface, in graphs, by sensor, by plantation and/or by species.

Step 3

Automatic alerts and personalized advice for your truffle farm.

You create your alerts in order to be notified when the threshold and the watering stop threshold.

The watering threshold will vary according to the truffle species in question.

ForTuber melanosporum, the experimentally validated threshold is pF =4.

If you have any doubts, or if you are missing information to understand your data, you have access to our tips and we’re here to help.

Wetruf logiciel notification
Wetruf installation pF Tracer Pro

Step 4

You work on site to ensure precision watering.

The pF Tracer®️ lets you know when it’s time to water, thanks to a threshold of triggering watering ; but it also lets you know when it’s time to stop watering.

In between the Useful Reserve (RU), i.e. between pF 2.5 and pF 4.2, you have provided the necessary and sufficient quantity of water to maintain the truffle.

Make your own savings water !

pF Tracer Pro

Our decision-support interface

Main features

…what if I don’t understand the data?
We’re here to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions.

pF Tracer Pro

Technical specifications

Features designed for truffle growers!

The central box consists of :

  • 2 connectors dedicated to Duo sensor
  • 2 connectors scalable known as “smart” enabling the implementation of potential future functionalities (automatic watering triggering, rain gauge, etc.).
  • 1 room air temperature sensor
  • 2 antennas
  • 1 screenLCD reading and1 button for live on-site consultation of sensor values from the central unit and paired satellite units
  • Operation on 6 AA batteriesAutonomy of 6 months to 1 year according to use

The satellite box consists of :

  • 1 connector dedicated to Duo sensor
  • 1 upgradeable connector says“smart” enabling the implementation of potential future functionalities (automatic watering triggering, rain gauge, etc.).
  • 1 antenna
  • Operation on 3 AA batteriesAutonomy of 6 months to 1 year according to use

pF Tracer Pro

pF Tracer Pro versus other available solutions

Dedicated to truffle growing

The watering threshold for black truffles is pF 4. Among competing systems, some cover a range as low as pF 2.7 or even 3.3; others do not measure pF directly, but require conversion or estimation.


Existing systems using plaster probes do not have a connected system. As for another similar system offering online consultation, the interface in question is unintuitive, difficult and impractical to use, and in English only.

Less expensive

Compared with the closest competing system to pF Tracer®️Pro in terms of functionality, our equipment is 2 times less expensive for 2 remote measurement points.
Le pF Tracer®️Pro has been specifically designed to be the most affordable for the truffle grower.

Experts at your service

WETRUF advises you on optimizing your truffle bed

Wetruf logiciel et unité centrale pF Tracer Pro


Basic kit

Basic kit 1090,00€ HT

Introductory offer 890,00€ HT *

* for orders placed before 05/31/2024
* delivery from first week of June

pF Tracer Pro

What our customers say about our pF tracking solution

Any other questions?

Our team is here to help.

Truffle growers of all profiles wishing to optimize their watering management, to increase production and make their truffle plantations more profitable.

On the server linked to the online control interface. Hosting and consultation of this data is subject to an annual subscription fee. 

The pF Tracer pro has been developed to meet all the requirements of truffle growers. To take advantage of the connected system, you’ll need at least one central box. Then, depending on the homogeneity or heterogeneity of your site, you will need to add one or more satellite units to the central unit (different soils, slopes, etc.).

If you think you’re in an area with connection problems, contact us so we can carry out a test. We’ll suggest a solution that’s right for you.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. If you have any problems installing or connecting to the server, please contact our technical support team directly via our dedicated platform.

For the moment, the watering threshold has been validated for black truffles. Tuber melanosporum. Research is underway for other species. In all cases, the pF Tracer covers the entire range of soil water potential readings, i.e. from pF 2.4 to pF 4.2.

Stay tuned!

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