Our values

Collaboration and sharing

We work within a ecosystem is made up of a wide range of players throughout the value chain of the truffle product: scientists and researchers> the producers > brokers, retailers and canners> restaurateurs> consumers. Each link in the chain has a role to play. Each part is complementary another. Our challenge lies in bridging the gap between research and culture. Between science and technology. Each of us contributes to the success of our mission.
Similarly, the WETRUF ismultidisciplinary and is made up of members each with their own area of expertise: biology, biotechnology, agronomy, materials engineering. Working wellcollaboration is essential and primordial.

Pragmatism and professionalism

Because we are a founding team of scientists, it is this Cartesian character that defines us from the outset, and which is naturally recognised by our customers. The scientific hat is important for WETRUF and our credibility with the public!

But WETRUF is also a company that has a duty to act responsibly.efficiency, responsiveness, simply by going to l’essential, and never give advice that could prove harmful.

We are basing our work mainly on figures, experiments and data tangible to give our advice and build our training courses.

All this with the ultimate goal of profitability, forWETRUF as for the consumer.

Transparency and sympathy

In a concern honesty With the customer or employee, we indicate when we can answer a question and when we can’t, accepting that we don’t know what we don’t know.

No detours, no ambiguities, whether in contact with the customer, or internally concerning exchanges between the different members or the different hierarchies.

At WETRUF, we talk about everything, and we don’t hesitate to talk about figures, visions, missions and opinions. Everyone is entitled to their say, in the respect, the joy is a good mood

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