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Co-founded by Flora TODESCO and Claude MURAT, WETRUF is the result of over 20 years’ experience in the truffle industry.

Thanks to the research and experimentation projects carried out within the unitIAM de l’INRAE,we have considerably improved our understanding of the biological workings of this fungus, as well as developing expertise in cultivation methods. In constant liaison with the French Federation of Truffle Growers, the Regional Federations and Syndicats départementaux,we’re at the heart of a network that we want to draw on to develop innovative, tailored services.

Through WETRUF, we propose technological innovations resulting from our research at INRAE as well as services based on our experience, with the aim of leading to an optimized management of truffle plantations and a widening of horizons.

Promoting truffle growing, an environmentally friendly culture that does not require chemical inputs and favors biodiversity, and contributing to the professionalization of the French truffle industry are our primary objectives.

WETRUFaims to become a preferred partner of the truffle-growing industry, a tool for the profession todiversify services on offer, make knowntruffles anddeveloptruffle growing.

Flora Todesco
President and co-founder
Claude Murat
Scientific Consultant and Co-founder - INRAE Research Engineer
Fabien Gavoille
Research & Development Engineer - Project manager for innovation in water supply management in truffle fields
Simone Belmondo
Scientific and Technical Associate in Italy
Aurore Clément
Project Manager - Training and Technical Advice in Trufficulture

Diane Hoareau

Digital Communications Officer

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