President and co-founder

Specialized in analytical and experimental biology, and an INRAE engineer for several years, she has carried out various studies on truffles. An expert in molecular diagnostics, she has also participated in several sampling campaigns and taken part in the management of experimentation projects, which have allowed her to acquire a certain knowledge of truffle growing. Entrepreneurship now leads her to the creation and management of a business to meet a clearly expressed need.

Claude MURAT

Scientific Consultant and Co-founder – INRAE Research Engineer

Doctor in Biology and Biotechnology of mushrooms. At INRAE since 2008, he is in charge of research and experimentation on truffles and ensures the link between fundamental research and the truffle industry. After 20 years of experience, he is now recognized as an expert in the field, not only by his peers, but also by the profession. Through WeTruf, he has the opportunity to make available to the industry the innovations resulting from his research. Originally from the Drôme des Collines, he puts his knowledge into practice in his own truffle farm established in 2016.


Research & Development Engineer – Project manager for innovation in water management in truffle fields

Specialized in materials engineering, he began his career with the company as an engineering intern, working on the development of water sensors. Today, hired as a project manager, he pilots the entire production chain of our technological innovations in terms of water management in truffle fields, and maintains his R&D activity in order to improve the products and design new features.


Project Manager – Training and Technical Advice in Trufficulture

Aurore has a background in plant experimentation and a training in agricultural systems consulting. She is developing her knowledge of truffles within our team, in order to take charge of our training and consulting activities. Our common objective: to accompany professionals and project leaders in truffle growing and to meet the current needs of the sector.


Technical & Scientific Collaborator

For the development of its activity abroad, especially in Italy, WeTruf collaborates with Simone Belmondo. Originally from Turin, he has a doctorate in Biology and Biotechnology of fungi. He completed a post-doctoral contract at INRAE in Nancy, with Claude Murat and Flora Todesco, during which he studied the biology of the truffle. Passionate about the truffle industry, he has acquired real theoretical and technical knowledge, which he perfects in a personal plantation.

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